Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY: Cereal Valentines

We have three Valentine parties to attend this year.  And some of the same friends will be at all of them.  Which means we need three different Valentines to give.  I wanted to branch out from the standard conversation hearts and red hots to come up with something fun and witty that Brady would enjoy giving and helping me make. 


While perusing Pinterest, I spotted this idea and knew I'd struck gold.  Brady loves cereal, to the point of not wanting to go to sleep because between bedtime and breakfast seems like an eternity to him.  A cereal valentine was perfect for Valentine No. 1, but I wanted them to have a cleaner look.  And some catchy little phrases.  So Brady and I put our heads together and came up with this.  



I made labels for each of the eight boxes of cereal included in the regular General Mills mini pack.  You can print them right here.  Just wrap your boxes in kraft paper (5.5" x 10") and secure with double stick tape.  Then trim your valentine cereal labels on the dotted line, center the label and secure with another piece of tape.  Tie a small wooden spoon to the side of the box using some red baker's twine, and voila!  You're ready to get your sweetheart on.  Enjoy!


  • You have a heart of Gold - Golden Grahams

  • I'm not playing Trix.  I really like you.  - Trix

  • You are my Lucky Charm. - Lucky Charms

  • I like you Oh so much! - Cheerios (all three varieties)

  • You make my heart Swirl - Cinnamon Toast Crunch

  • I'm Cuckoo for you. - Cocoa Puffs

See Valentine No. 2 and Valentine No. 3


  1. So cute Mer! I love these. And hmm, I wonder where he gets his cereal obsession? ha!

  2. saw these on pinterest, sooo adorable! especially perfect for my cereal loving self! thanks for sharing!

  3. I just LOVE these. Many thanks for sharing them! :)